• Id: TalentPro120908B13
  • Name: Advanced Creatures
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: Dubai


Advanced Creatures is a phenomenal covers trio fronted by the sensational QueenVee with her slick, sophisticated vocal talents, backed by two of the most-talented musicians – Thomas, a pianist and guitarist, and Dennis, a percussionist … These guys electrify every venue they play at with their unique and fun approach to entertainment.

Veronica, lead singer of Advanced Creatures, on following her heart.
“In 2017, a phone call turned my life upside down. My friend Lukas, who works in music management, called me out of the blue to tell me about a band in Dubai that was looking for a lead singer. At the time, I was based in my home country, Czech Republic, but was on tour with my band, traveling all over the world. Life was good, but my heart was telling me to jump in. I said ‘yes’ on a whim but it took around two days to sink in. I left for Dubai pretty much immediately afterward to join the band Advanced Creatures and transform myself into ‘Queen Vee’, lead singer of Advanced Creatures. We perform all around the UAE and have regular gigs, too, so it has been a real adventure.
“In the middle of all the craziness, I met my future husband and we are getting married in the summer – hopefully on an island paradise like the Seychelles. After such a milestone year, I am resolving to trust my instincts and follow my heart even more. I write all my New Year resolutions down and stick them on the wall so I can see them every day. It’s a trick I use to keep the promises I made to myself. While I will mostly be wrapped up in wedding planning, I’m eager to discover more of the cultural attractions in the emirates.
“Career-wise, I can feel as if my life is one big show. The past year especially has been quite dramatic, but it feeds my soul. I am performing all the time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As 2018 rolls on, I want to continue to grow as an artist and musician and start working on my own material with the ultimate aim of recording an album in Dubai.”
Dubai experience:
– Cookhall Dubai + Jean George Dubai + Lucky Voice Dubai + St. Regis + W Dubai + Taste of Dubai Festival +Al Habtor City


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